LMI Group were appointed to this unique alleged cannabis grow house claim.

Firefighters rushed to the scene after being alerted to a blaze at an eastern suburbs factory. What they discovered there was startling… An alleged Cannabis grow house, with purpose built structures, rows and rows of mature Cannabis plants, industrial hydroponics and a vast quantity of UV lamps with transformers. It appears that the alleged growers bypassed the electrical meters installed in the factory to feed this operation. 

After the fire, the insured in conjunction with their broker appointed LMI Group Des Reaby State Manager. The insured had no knowledge of the alleged illegal Cannabis operation. After the police handed back the property, we had an opportunity to visit the property and record the scene. See pictures below.

Indemnity has now been provided by underwriters and after assessing the damage, LMI Group are confident that we can assist the policyholder in reinstating the property back to a position the Insured enjoyed prior to the loss, along with the reimbursement of any loss of gross rentals. 

LMI Group will work with all stakeholders to ensure that we work in a collaboratively fashion to protect the interests of all parties.

We specialise in unique and complex claims, including damage caused by grow houses

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