The partial closure of Auckland Harbour Bridge, following impact from two trucks on Friday, is causing disruption to many businesses in the CBD. Due to this, it is right to assume that these business would be experiencing a loss of turnover.

Most business interruption policies in New Zealand provide cover for loss resulting from interruption of, or interference with, the business as a consequence of damage to any property in the vicinity of the premises which hinders or prevents access. Typically, sub-limited at 10% of the total sum insured or $1,000,000 whichever is the lesser and is subject to a 24 hour access.

As to vicinity, some policies state a 5 kilometre radius whilst others are silent. We believe a 5 kilometre radius is fair and this would pick up probably the entire CBD.

We can help!

If any of your brokers have clients in the CBD who are suffering as a result of the Auckland Harbour Bridge closure or any other matter, we are happy to discuss and to assist with preparation of any claims. Contact us here or using the number below.