One of the things we pride ourselves on at LMI Group is our diversity. Besides creating a great working environment, we find that it also helps our customers.

An outstanding demonstrator of this is Shirley Shi, one of our Forensic Accountants who works in both the Mining Division, under expert Murray Rowley, and the forensic services team, under Revell Weightman. Besides being a qualified CPA, ANZIIF Senior Associate, an affiliate of the Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters and a fellow of the International Institute of Claims Preparers, she is also fluent in Mandarin.

This has proved invaluable in two major claims of late where the Insured felt much more comfortable speaking in their native language than English. This led to much better communication and the client feeling more comfortable with the claims process. It also led to a much faster settlement as the Insured immediately understood what was required to mitigate the loss and what documents were needed to prove their loss.

All in all, the LMI Group team speaks 19 languages, and this has proved helpful not only in our claims work but also our eServices as we roll out RiskCoach and our other products internationally.