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LMI Group works hand in hand with brokers to
deliver the best for you and your clients.



Crisis Management


Our Knowledge at Your Fingertips

With access to industry experts, industry standard tools
and Australia’s largest policy library,
you will have the full power of LMI’s experience,
as we partner with you to navigate your clients’ claims.

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Our Services Are Covered

It’s not commonly known that claims preparation is covered under most Business pack/ISR policies. Find out how we can assist you and your client today.  

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Crisis Managment

Events like natural disasters can cause your
workload to increase exponentially overnight.
Our Claims Department can help ease the pressure,
allowing you to keep on top of your workload.

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words

With state of the art photography, videography, drone reconnaissance and 3D imaging, LMI can give your argument the bigger picture, helping bring disputes to a swift and productive end.

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