LMI Group Appointed to this Business Fire Claim at a Panel Beaters in Victoria.

In the early hours of the morning on the 18th of January 2021 a fire broke out in a Victorian Panel Beaters. Where flames and smoke quickly engulfed areas of the premises.

A vehicle towed in as part of the routine operations of this panel beaters, unexpectedly and spontaneously burst into flames. This enabled the fire to spread via the other vehicles in for repair, causing extensive damage to vehicles, contents, equipment and the building itself.

LMI Group’s claims team were appointed to the business fire claim soon after the accident. Des Reaby, Melbourne State Manager, is working in partnership with the client to restore normal operations. LMI help guide the client through the claims process. We assist with the mitigation, clean up, reinstatement, back to work recovery strategies and the forensic analysis of the financial loss. We work with the broker and insurer to achieve the best result possible.

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Photographs: © LMI Group 2021