With the increasing move to direct insurance, combined with increased rates, it is more important than ever for the Insured to understand that insurance is not just about the price, but about the quality of product and the claims service they receive in the event of a loss.

LMI addresses the issue of coverage with www.PolicyComparison.comand since August 2013, the issue of claims service with www.ClaimsComparison.com.

Not only is Claims Comparison designed to assist brokers and their clients understand the value of the promise given by insurers, it is also there to recognise those insurers that do the right thing by their customers and drive positive change in those that need to improve.

This year we took Claims Comparison to a new level with the introduction of The Mansfield Awards in conjunction with Insurance News. It is now time for the bi-annual survey and while we appreciate you are asked to complete a large number of surveys, I would personally ask you to take the time to complete this in the interests of your clients and your own professionalism.

To have your say, please visit: http://claimscomparison.com/