has just released the latest results from their survey showing the current star rating of Insurers Claims Departments across 22 classes of general insurance.

Normally, we would like to have had this updated well in advance of the 30th of June renewal period, however there has been so many respondents and so many ratings have changed that we needed to triple check before posting the latest ratings.

While it is pleasing to see some Insurers have improved their rating, it is disappointing that some have gone backwards and hopefully this will be a trigger for them to review their processes and practices to regain their old position.

In the comments section of the survey, the stand out was the number of complaints against Loss Adjusters for their slowness and lack of empathy.

Due to the popularity of the site, the site will have a revamp during the next quarter based primarily on user feedback.

The methodology for our rating has remained unaltered and is shown in the “how we rate” section of the site. If you would like to be included in the survey in future, please contact Ashleigh at or use the “have your say” button on