Claims Comparison Survey open to all. Complete it here.

As the new year begins we encourage everyone to consider completing our ClaimsComparison Survey. This is an important resource in determining the best service in our industry.

The survey only takes a minute or so to complete. You can complete the survey for a single claims experience or multiple. So how does your survey help?

The Mansfield Awards

The Mansfield Awards is an annual industry awards event to recognise claims excellence in the Australian insurance industry. This year marks the 6th year of the awards.

The survey results are used to determined the winner of the Silver and Gold categories. “Recognising Claims Excellence” starts with the best barometer for determining good service… your experience.

ClaimsComparison Ratings

The survey also goes towards the star rating on so you get double the value for your input! The ClaimsComparison Star Ratings allow consumers to quickly see how a particular insurer is performing at a glance. Insures can choose to use our badges in their advertising (see our previous article here), or a customer can freely look up an insurers rating at

When it comes to claims service, your voice matters. Complete the Claims Comparison survey today at the link below. If you have any questions about the survey or wish to learn more about the badges, email