International Institute of Claims Preperar members are working round the clock to visit and assist hundred’s of business owners who have been effected by the weather related events in Australasia and South Africa.

In South Africa, 8 of the 9 provences has had flooding while in Australasia, members are working from Cairns in the north to the southern suburbs of Melbourne in the south on storm and flood losses, from fires in Perth to earthquake damage in Christchurch in the east.

It is the first time in my career that I have seen the Insurance Council of Australia run 8 catastrophe codes at the one time. This of course does not include the Christchurch losses which is being overseen by the Insurance Counci of New Zealand said International President Dr Allan Manning.

While members have had no relief from catastrophe response since before the Victorian Bushfires which occurred 2 years ago today, the members continue to provide the highest degree of service and attention to detail. This is the hallmark of a IICP member.