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Inspiring and empowering people to better
manage risk and recovery.


With a vision of empowering the insuring community and a passion for local business survival in February 1999, Dr Allan Manning founded LMI Group on his kitchen table at home, commencing and working from here for a number of months.
Australian family owned and operated into its second generation, we fast forward to now and LMI Group is a
global exemplar in risk management offering a broad range of services for the insurance and general communities throughout the world.
To learn more about our history, please see our timeline here.


Independent ownership leaves us impartial and free of conflict of any interest. As such, we are able to accept assignments without fear of favour.

Our Core

Our Vision
Managing the world’s risk

Our Mission
To inspire and empower people to better manage risk & recovery

Our Values

Family Values & Teamwork
We wholeheartedly embrace traditional family values along with teamwork as an integral part of our culture.

Shared Technical Expertise
Knowledge confined to one person is useless. We encourage collaboration, learning and education within our team and wider community.

Utmost Good Faith
We strive to ensure utmost good faith in all facets of our operations and hold our own partners and customers accountable to the same high standards.

We will tirelessly fight for a fair and just outcome.

LMI live and breathe your journey.

We hold ourselves and our clients to these high standards and values at all times.

Two LMI employees either side of a customer holding a laptop

Employment Opportunities

LMI Group is an equal opportunity employer where recruiting, promotion and salary are based on merit and not gender, ethnicity, religion, or any other measure.

LMI provides excellent career opportunities in a wide range of roles including technical, research, marketing, IT and accounting. If you are interested in joining our vibrant and rapidly growing team, please contact us. While we may not have a suitable position available at the time, we will retain your CV on file for when an opportunity presents itself.

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+61 3 9835 9929

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