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Policy Wording Name and Reference

IUA (International Underwriting Agencies) Ltd

Esurance CPM Policy-CPM_0214


Broadform Liability Policy-NZ5060-9_0815


Employers Liability -NZ5063-5_0815


Statutory Liability Policy-NZ5062-8_0815

Lumley General – NZ

Employers Liability Policy (Costs in Addition)-NZEL_0815

Lumley General – NZ

Broadform Liability Policy-NZGL_0815

Lumley General – NZ

Statutory Liability Policy (Costs in Addition)-NZSL_0815

Lumley General – NZ

Drive Easy Private Motor Policy-DriveEasy_1114

Rosser Underwriting

Advanced Association Liability-AssnLiab_0415

Tower Insurance Limited

Provider Contents Policy Super Thrifti Protection -P04_0315

Tower Insurance Limited

Motor Policy – Third Party Plus Protection-P19_0315

Tower Insurance Limited

Motor Policy – Thrifti Protection-P14_0315

Zurich – NZ

Specified Items in Transit Insurance-PCUS-010338_V3_0715


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