Is SPAM clogging your corporate inbox?

Over the last decade, corporate email had become a core business necessity and our default method of communicating. Researchers revealed 85% of all organisations had been hit by a phishing attack (through spam) at least once.

I know It’s convenient to use the same email address everywhere and you may ask: 

Why shouldn’t I sign up for Netflix, eBay or Amazon? Why not use my work email account? Everyone does it…”

There are hundreds of thousands of corporate email addresses used on newsletters, Netflix, Amazon, Binge or eBay. Here is one specific reason why not to use your work email as a personal mail account:

Corporate email accounts are the main target for spam.

Corporate email addresses are so easy to find. They are commonly found listed on the company website. Scammers or hackers like to collect email addresses and use them to manipulate you. They try to crack your password or send phishing attacks to expose your email account, password and more to the hacker. From there, they have access to your information and can cause major damage.

In summary: To avoid having your company’s email credentials fall into hacker’s hands, stop using them on public platforms, such as streaming services, shopping services, fitness platforms, etc.


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There are certain things you can do to keep your spam to a minimum on your corporate inbox and devices safe :

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