One of the UK members of the International Institute of Claims Preparers is Harris Balcombe.

Harris Balcombe is one of two firms vying for the title of the longest running claims preparation company in the world. They are now a 6th generaltion company.

Alex Balcome was recently appointed t0 a claim for the well known English actress, author, and columnist Dame Joan Collins. 

Now all the rectification work has been completed and the claim settled, Dame Joan offered her time to do a testimonial. What resonates with the viewer in the interview is the way she explains the strength of the relationship that develops between  her and the Insured and the claims preparer as they help them through a very difficult time of their lives. Like so many of good claims preparers he becomes part of the Insured's family.   

To view the short video go to   

Well done Alex, it is this sort of care that we demand in our membership at the IICP.