Helping get a business back up and running after a devastating fire.

A Dandenong Office Supply Warehouse caught fire on the 24th of February 2019. The fire taking hold for a reported 30 minutes before an alarm was raised with emergency services. See article here.

With the fuel being plentiful, the blaze partially raised the complex with the Dandenong office supply warehouse being totally destroyed and leaving the office suffering extensive smoke damage. See the drone footage from soon after the fire.

Des Reaby, LMI Group’s Victorian Claims Manager was on scene within days of the blaze to assess the damage. Nicola Crouch also provided assistance with the Business Interruption portion of the claim.

Both Forensic Investigation closing the site, along with Insurers not presenting an immediate indemnity decision caused many issues. This meant the support of LMI in assisting the client acting as a prudent self-Insured, until indemnity was granted, was pivotal in advancing the claim.

As a result of our engagement we organised a new warehouse, provided guidance and advice on the loss, mitigation, business and back to work recovery strategies. We also provided assistance required to prepare, reconcile, analyse and manage both the Material Damage and Business Interruption component of the claim. Ensuring there was minimal impact on the turnover and business.

LMI Media captured the site just after the fire and then following reinstatement. As you can see, the difference is striking.

LMI Group are specialists in these sort of incidents. We the work with brokers, the insured and Insurers alike to facilitate the smoothest return to trade as possible.

How we can help with fire damage?

If you or one of your clients has suffered a loss, please call our claims on the number below.