The CFA Act 1958 and The MFB Act 1958 require local insurance companies providing insurance for property against fire in Victoria, to contribute towards CFA and the MFB.

If your property insurance contract or program is with an insurance company that is based overseas, then they may not be obliged to contribute to the Victorian fire services. In this case, there is still an obligation on you, as an asset owner in Victoria, to ensure that you are paying the statutory contribution to the fire services.

Property and asset owners are advised to contact either their insurance intermediary or their respective fire service, to ensure that legal obligations are being met. Strict penalties may apply for non-compliance.

For more information about your fire service obligation, please contact either the CFA on (03) 9262 8221 or the MFB on (03) 9665 4275. Note: Always ring 000 in an emergency.