Domestic Violence Policy

Family & Domestic Violence Policy

LMI Family & Domestic Violence Policy Statement

1.     Introduction

1.1. The LMI Group is committed to helping and supporting people who are experiencing family or domestic violence. We are acutely aware of the potentially devastating impact that domestic and family violence can have on the people who experience it, including their ability to work and their financial security.

1.2. We have implemented a Family & Domestic Violence Policy to help minimise the risk of harm in our interactions with clients and others who experience family or domestic violence, and to ensure we provide them with timely, consistent and targeted assistance. Our staff and representatives are trained to provide the necessary help. Our Policy and adherence to it, are reviewed regularly by our senior management. This Statement and our Policy have been approved and endorsed by LMI Group’s board and senior management.

2.     Our Commitment

2.2 To underpin our commitment to helping and supporting people who experience family or domestic violence, our staff and representatives undertake and maintain the necessary training. If we identify or suspect family violence, we will take appropriate steps to protect the safety of the client affected by family violence and their family. Our senior management ensure that our staff adhere to our Family & Domestic Violence Policy by taking appropriate measures including the monitoring of staff training and performance.

3.     Privacy

3.1. We understand that privacy and confidentiality can be vital to the safety of people affected by family and domestic violence and have implemented the necessary procedures to protect their safety. Our procedures include:

3.1.1. Protecting the right to privacy of vulnerable clients.

3.1.2. Addressing privacy and confidentiality concerns of people affected by family and domestic violence by taking necessary precautions such as: allocating a senior employee to assist; treating all information about the person as sensitive information; discussing safe ways to communicate with them; and if a client affected by family and domestic violence makes an insurance claim, our staff will handle the claim with sensitivity, flexibility and care.

4. Financial Hardship help

4.1. Family violence can trigger the need for financial hardship help.  Our staff are trained to refer these cases to senior management to assist when possible, such as the fast-tracking of a Financial Hardship request.

5. Referrals to specialist services

5.1. We will reasonably assist clients to find appropriate external support networks, such as when a client may need assistance with financial hardship, stress and mental health, life and crisis support, translation, addiction or counselling. To assist in this way, we keep an up-to-date list of recognised external specialist services which can be accessed on this link.

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