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RiskCoach is your one stop shop for Insurance and risk, immerse yourself in our detailed industry write ups to better prepare yourself for your next client engagement. Including an extensive list of significant exposures for the given industry and much, much more.

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Know Your Client


Fits Your Schedule

Sales Aid


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The Perfect Sales Aid

Quickly tailor a personalised insurance risk report for your client. This can be used in client meetings and proposals to give you the edge.

Being professional and prepared has never been so easy.

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Understand The World’s Risk!

With over 7000 industries, RiskCoach is your one stop shop for risk knowledge.
Immerse yourself in our detailed industry write ups to better understand what exposures your clients face each day.
From current market trends to our detailed risk write ups, you will
be the expert in knowing your client which is sure to impress.

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Get To Know Your Clients At A Glance.

Quickly identify what risks are present in your client’s industry, what classes of insurance they should consider and use the data to help back you up in those conversations.

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Short Courses

Continue your professional development and put your knowledge to the test with our extensive short courses!
On completion, you will be awarded a certificate with your results to send to your training officer/manager and display with pride.

Australian users, get recognised for your hard work!
Whilst using RiskCoach, you will be earning CIP/CPD Points as you work.
Claim up to 15 points per annum with ANZIIF and 20 points every 2 years with NIBA.

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Dependable And Credible Information

Don’t just google it – Search with the power of our years of research and experience!

Each division of LMI Group has a hand in curating the information within RiskCoach to ensure you have the holistic view of your client’s experiences.

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Fits In With Your Workflow

5 minutes?
Hazard Index: The starting point for your discussion!
Gives you an overview of your client’s risk in the various insurance product classes allowing you to understand what is most critical for them to protect against.

30 mins?
Our significant exposures section will help jump start your understanding of those hazard index ratings and where they can apply to your client in their everyday operations.

1 hour?
Immerse yourself. Use our detailed reports to home in on your client’s industry and their exposures.
This will give you the insight for detailed discussions on coverage for all aspects of their business, from insurable to general business risks and mitigation.

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Are You Out Of The Office?

We know you are always on the go. That’s why we put the experts in your pocket.
With RiskCoach OnTheGo, the power of RiskCoach is available anytime, anywhere!
You can send a tailored report directly to your client from your device within minutes.
Helpful for those busy days, or even when you don’t have long to prepare.

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