What you need to know about exposures associated with face mask manufacturing, as businesses adapt to COVID-19.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, we have seen businesses adapt in many ways to ensure their ongoing viability. They are adapting not only for the business itself, but to also allow continued employment to their valued employees.

This has resulted in minor shifts, such as restaurants becoming takeaway establishments. Others have diversified into totally new industries. These diversifications can present a significant range of new exposures that you and underwriters must be aware of.

St.Ali of Melbourne has diversified from being a coffee roasters to selling face masks and hand sanitiser.

One seemingly common shift is for companies who operate in the manufacturing to move production to Face Masks, a product that is in high demand. With this shift, what additional or new exposures have businesses opened themselves up to?

How do I learn about my client’s risk exposure?

Thankfully you do not need to look far for the answer, as the LMI RiskCoach team have done the research for you. Log into RiskCoach and select “Face Mask Manufacturing”. This will present you with a detailed review of the risks presented by this emerging industry.

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