Brighton business complex that houses four popular businesses was afflicted by a fire in the basement carpark. The fire quickly spread and caused extensive damage to the premises with smoke emanating into the individual business at several levels. 

Power was isolated and numerous stock and food perished.

Whilst fire is a devastating event and readily visible, smoke can be just as destructive/disruptive as the fire itself. Smoke can temporarily or permanently damage porous materials such as stock, rugs, fabrics, curtains and unfinished surfaces. Therefore, Items can sometimes be cleaned, others need to be replaced.

In this instance, remediation is essential as we also need to be on the lookout for any organic growth (mould) that could present should clean up and remediation not be undertaken quickly.

Des Reaby, Victorian State Manager has been appointed to the Fire and Smoke claim and was on site within days. LMI are working with the insured, the insurer, tenants and the broker to produce the best result for all concerned. If you have a similar claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Claims Preparation involves the analysis of your insurance policy and the development of a business recovery plan. We work with you, your broker and insurer to best apply the coverage afforded by your insurance policy to ensure, you, your staff and your business not only survive but thrive. Insurance and Insurance Claims are rarely black and white. With your needs and best interests at heart, we can make sure a business receives its full entitlement under the policy.

How we can help with smoke damage and fire claims?

If you or one of your clients has suffered a loss, please call our claims on the number below.