Jenny and Kenny Walther were awarded the first Phoenix Award in Western Australia. The Walther’s business, Cashies Armadale, sustained a major fire 1 December 2006. The Walthers were not aware that insurance claims preparers existed and so rang their accountant for assistance.

The accountant had recently heard LMI Group’s MD, Dr Allan Manning, speak at a seminar and recommended the Walther’s ring him. Within 2 hours, Allan was on a plane to Perth and assisted the Walther’s prepare their insurance claim and in the general recovery of their business.

The business not only survived, but thrived, and in appreciation of his help, the Walther’s invited Allan and his wife to dinner on Thursday 20th March. Coincidently, LMI Group had just commissioned a Phoenix Award for the couple, the first awarded to a WA business.

The Walthers were completely surprised ,but naturally delighted to receive the award.

LMI Group introduced the Phoenix Award in late 2007. It is awarded to businesses that sustain a crisis that threatens the very survival of the business and yet the management and staff, aided by their insurane program, survive the event. The award was named after the mythical Phoenix that is reborn after a fire. The most fitting symbol for what the Walthers have been through.

In 2008, LMI Group opened an office in Western Australia with experienced claims expert, John Quinn.

Well done to the Walthers and may your future business ventures be disaster free.