Share the Dignity is a campaign that LMI Group has become involved with over the last few years. Share the Dignity is a charitable organisation that collects new and used handbags, and feminine hygiene products. Giving them to women and girls experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and period poverty.

Susan Rodriguez-Manning, Director of People and Culture, has championed the drive. Last year, LMI Group donated nearly 30 full handbags. Due to the logistics of working from home, we were not be able to do a drive like we did last year. Despite this, LMI Group still managed to donate 6 full bags, along with a number of other special items, including jewellery and shower products to this worthy cause.

What you can do!

Whist the yearly campaign for bags ended on Saturday, you can still help make a difference by donating directly via this link.

Thank you, to all who donated.