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As I have reported in a few recent blog posts, I have been extremely disheartened at some of the revelations that are coming out of the Royal Commission. Some issues have not been surprising and I am pleased they are being addressed.

I think that Mr Peter Kell has hit the nail on the head with several of his statements including:

The community expects that the services you provide are beneficial, have value and are focused on good outcomes. And they expect that this will be more than just marketing hype.”

“fairness is being sacrificed on the altar of technicality, ‘with financial services firms have been using tenuous connections to legality as a means of sidestepping customer fairness.’

It is not just here in Australia. The head of the Financial Management Association, the equivalent of ASIC in the UK calling for financial services firms to stop focusing on shareholders at the expense of customers, with public trust the worst it has been since the GFC

“In a very visible and painful way, financial services firms are paying the price for not always giving their customers a fair deal.”

He challenged firms to not just ask themselves whether they’re complying with the law, but whether they’re doing the right thing.

I have been wrestling with this for quite some time sharing the enormous stress ,as do many good brokers and members of my team, when they are trying to have legitimate claims resolved fairly.

Of course it is not all bad and once again we see the entire insurance industry being demonized due to the actions of some.

To do our bit to help protect those that are doing the right thing, we went one step further this week and started sending out Star Rating Logos from to those insurers that had 4, 4.5 or 5 stars on

This site only measures claims service and is something that is not paid for nor does the cost of the insurance product does not feature in the rating criteria. All the criteria have been developed to measure the claim service. How we rate is shown on the website: .

Recipients are, able at no cost, permitted to include the logo on their websites, emails, and any marketing material they wish as LMI and my contribution to promoting the best in our industry, claims teams that do care for their customers and do not treat them as simply a cost centre.

We receive no funding for this, nor do we want any. I do not want money to ever be an influence in the rating, even when I am long gone.  The only reason I say this, is that I have not had a chance to send out the emails with the logos to all those that have won due to my current heavy travel schedule. But I have been touched by the response that I have received to the half dozen or so that I have sent out. I would like to share three with you.


Hello Allan,

Thank-you very much for your kind words.

You can see from my footer that we are very proud of LMI’s Claims Comparison rating. It will be a privilege to employ the logos you have kindly provided.

A long time ago, we decided to market our claims handling ability equally/alongside our underwriting services. In order to do so, and because claim handling is so critically judged, one needs to set and constantly strive for high ideals. Accordingly, the final sentence of your email is tremendously appreciated! 

[The final words were: Well done and I just wish there were more companies like yours in the market.]

Kindest Regards

Glenn Ross [Mecon]

Thanks Allan

This is a great initiative.   

We are very, very pleased to receive your 5 star rating for Commercial Motor.


Glenn Lambert 

GT Insurance


Thanks Allan. Appreciate the comments and the recognition for the teams. I’ve already sent the details over to the marketing team!

Hopefully catch up with you soon.


Bert Webster NTI

None of them knew that I would publish their responses.

I would ask all brokers to support those insurers that are doing the right thing. Promote claims service as an all important criteria for choosing which insurer to go with. I know I always make this point when asked to review a program for an insured and they value that advice when you explain the horror stories when price was the only criteria for picking an insurer.

This latest initiate is supporting the Mansfield Awards which we are pleased to partner with InsuranceNEWS which highlights the best of the best.

Together we can then all do our bit to Make Insurance Great Again.

PS When I first joined the General Accident in 1971, a Mr Peter Kell was the no 2 for Australia. It was the General Accident that instilled in me, my heightened desire to always act honestly and that insurance is based on the important principle of utmost good faith that should never be compromised.