Today at the Australian Pharmacy Professional conference on the Gold Coast, the Kung Flu Continuity Planning system was successfully launched.

Six months prior to this highly successful launch, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (“PGA”) identified the need for pharmacies, which are an essential service and particularly vital to the community during a pandemic, to develop a business continuity planning system to address the potential threats of a pandemic.

With funding assistance from the Australian Government, which shared the PGA’s vision, LMI ContinuityCoach was chosen to develop a business continuity planning system specifically for Australian pharmacies. Due to its ease of use, combined with the PGA’s need to implement a complete and compliant system, LMI ContinuityCoach was the obvious choice.

The Kung Flu Fighter was chosen to promote the service, and delegates who completed the program received their black belt in Kung Flu Fighting.

Over 70 pharmacists logged on to LMI ContinuityCoach’s Kung Flu Fighter and, following detailed instruction from a panel of presenters, including LMI Group’s CEO, Dr Allan Manning, completed a comprehensive business continuity plan. Where necessary, PGA members were assisted by other members of LMI Group’s Risk Management division: John Worthington, Andrew Aisbett, Maree Worthington and Les Sheward.

So, within 6 months of identifying the problem, Kung Flu Business Continuity Planning has successfully launched on time and on budget.