A timely reminder from Managing Director, Allan Manning of the landslip exclusion as the Great Ocean Road has been closed due to heavy rain. 

"The folk along the Great Ocean Road are not having a good year when it comes to road blockages. The road, which is regarded as one of the most scenic drives in the world was closed by public authority as a result of bush fires, mainly around the township of Wye River, just after Christmas, during their peak holiday period.

Now just as we head into Spring and the school holidays this coming weekend, the road is once again blocked. This time by a landslip caused by the very heavy rain that has affected parts of both South Australia and Victoria.

We must remember that many businesses rely on this road for their livelihood and extensions such as Closure by Public Authority and Loss of Attraction – General Area Damage are important to have for such clients.

With the latest incident, the important endorsement to provide coverage for the Insured is called Isolation by Landslip or Flood. This endorsement read:


Notwithstanding Property Exclusion 9 and Perils Exclusions 3(a) and 7(c). Any loss resulting from interruption of or interference with the Business in consequence of blockage of roads or railway links, bridges or tunnels caused by landslide or flood and which prevents or hinders the use of or access to the Premises shall be deemed to be loss resulting from Damage to property used by the Insured at the Premises.

To learn refer to Allan Manning's text, Understanding the ISR Policy – a comprehensive guide: Volume 1. For further information on how to purchase please visit: http://www.lmigroup.com/Publications.aspx?catId=26 "


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