The LMI Group have been appointed on several new claims valued at near $2 billion arising from the Thai floods, the Queensland floods of 2011 and the recent flooding of the Murrumbidgee River which has effected many towns in New South Wales .

Disruption to business has been caused by a combination of direct flooding, loss of public utilities and the inability of suppliers and suppliers of suppliers being effected by inundation.

This is a reminder to all business owners that floods anywhere in the world can cause a disruption to a business if they are dependent on raw materials, products or services which originate in the flood effected areas said LMI Managing Director Dr Allan Manning.

LMI material damage and business interruption experts from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are assisting with these claims.

Claims can be reported to LMI via their 24 hour Emergency Hot Line 1300 LMI Group (1300 564 476) Australia; 021 535 148 New Zealand; or  +61 423 564 252; or via email at