Following Loss Management International’s ("LMI") appointment in the major fires in Sydney and Melbourne last week, LMI were appointed again this week to prepare both the material damage and business interruption claims following a fire at a large motor wrecker in Sydney.

The broker involved had previously used LMI’s service to assist with sum insured reviews, but on the day our New South Wales State Manager, Steve Smith, visited to explain our services, this particular broker happened to be absent. Upon learning of the fire, the broker appointed a competitor to manage the claim, but 48 hours later that firm still had not made contact with the distressed Insured. The broker terminated the first firm’s appointment and engaged LMI, who naturally contacted the Insured immediately.

"A quick response is vital in order to mitigate the loss and provide meaningful advice to the Insured. LMI are renowned not only for their high technical skill, but also their speed of response and the fact that they drive the claim, being proactive rather than reactive", Steve Smith said.

The claim is now back on track with the client once again happy with the progress.