Immediately the Insured notified their insurance broker that they had suffered damaged and disruption as a result of a fire and the broker contacted LMI Claims, who immediately attended. This is LMI's preferred time of appointment as it allows the team to ensure the claim runs smoothly from the start.

In this case, the stock of new season clothing was damaged by smoke, soot and water and will need to be replaced. The shop itself has some smoke damage and is unsafe to use. 

Fortunately the broker has done a good job and the business is fully insured, including Business Interruption coverage, which allows the business to continue to pay business expenses including wages, financing costs, as well as protecting their bottom line position. The owners staff, bank and other stakeholders are naturally relieved. 

This claim is being prepared by LMI team members, Paul Tilley and Gordon Lum from the Melbourne office. Both are insurance claim experts and are Fellows of the International Institute of Claims Preparers.

With the combination of full insurance and the LMI team, it will not be long before this sign comes down and the business returns to normal operation without missing a financial beat.