Immediately upon hearing of a fire in their client's restaurant, the broker contacted LMI Claims Services and Managing Director Prof Allan Manning and LMI Forensic Accountant Gordon Lum promptly met the broker and restaurant manager on site. Both Gordon and Allan are experts in their field being among other things, Fellows of the International Institute of Claims Preparers.

LMI's role is to assist in mitigating the physical loss and this included instigating restoration services and quotations for the building, machinery & plant. Gordon will assist in calculating and presenting the Insured's loss of stock and business interruption.

The broker had provided first rate advice and, as such,  the business and its assets are fully insured and, as a result, insurers will meet all the losses suffered by the Insured, which is their important role in our economy.

It should always be remembered that insurance is not the total cost of risk. It is the cost of transferring the risk from you and your family to an insurer. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and having the right advice is key. This is one business owner who is now very glad to have got the right advice and being smart enough to act upon it.