LMI Claims were on the scene as OzKleen factory burnt. 3 Days later they are back to full production.

On the 16th of September, OzKleen experienced a devastating fire at their head office facility in Ormeau. This caused extensive damage which is likely to run into the millions. Our head of claims, Adam Smith & Shane Flower of ProInsure were on the scene the following morning while the QFES were still dousing the smouldering warehouse. You can see a video from the of the fire below.

Video – Adam Smith, LMI Group

After dealing with the initial shock and with guidance from both Adam and Shane, the family owned operation kicked into gear. Within three days the production facility was back up and operational. These actions not only mitigated the loss but ensured that OzKleen can continue to service their clients nationally, protecting their hard earned reputation and market share. This demonstrates the need for an accurate and effective insurance program.

Whilst OzKleen are experts in their field, they have not had any experience with a significant loss, and are therefore happy to be guided by LMI Group as we are experts in loss management.

The results of this are self evident.

7 News covered the fire and the cleanup, video below.

We will continue to bring you more as we help rebuild OzKleen.

How we can help with fire damage:

If you or one of your clients has suffered a loss, please call our claims on the number below.