Australian owned and run, OzKleen, making strides as their fire damage claim progresses at rapid pace.

In our previous post, OzKleen were back up to full production 3 days after a devastating fire tore through the storage area of their warehouse in Queensland.

If you have been to the supermarket cleaning isle recently, you would have seen some of OzKleen’s Products; Shower Power, Carpet Power Mould Power and more. All Australian made and owned! Despite the fire, OzKleen continue to flourish.

The twisted metal of the warehouse shelving and the significant damaged product it contained was removed early this week. There was a slight delay owing to classification of the material, to ensure it was safely and efficiently disposed of. Now that the ROD has been completed, this will allow our team to finalise structural inspections, demolition and eventual reinstatement. All of this whilst allowing OzKleen to service their clients.

Adam Smith, Director of LMI Group Claims, remarked that he had never seen a floor slab so clean after it was exposed to OzKleen’s products. The soot and grime completely removed, a glowing endorsement for their powerful cleaning products!

Facilitating such quick progress in getting an insured back up on their feet is what our passionate LMI Claims staff live for! LMI Group continue to work with Shane Flower of ProInsure, the insured and insurer to get the business back to their position prior to the loss.

More updates as the claim progresses.

How we can help with fire damage:

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Photos: Adam Smith, LMI Group