Over the weekend (1st-2nd October) LMI's Managing Director, Allan Manning, accompanied by Andrew Pitts, LMI Media Manager, Carl Greenhalgh, LMI Education Manager, Peter O'Brien, LMI Legal Director travelled to Bengkulu, Indonesia where historic site, Fort Marlborough is.

Fort Marlborough was the site where the loss occured in famous case Carter v Boehm [1766] where Lord Mansfield handed down his judgement which introduced the principle of 'Utmost Good Faith' to general insurance. 

The conference was a wonderful success, filled with educational and cultural speeches and displays. 

More photos can be seen on the LMI Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/LMI-Group-Pty-Ltd-144988182266476/ 

Allan Manning's blog post about the conference: http://www.allanmanning.com/?s=250th+&op.x=0&op.y=0