Celebrating Alison Parks’ promotion to Director of Education and Training

LMI Group are passionate about the sharing of our accumulated knowledge with the insurance industry. We entered into a joint venture with a Registered Training Organisation (‘RTO’) in 2015 and fully acquired it in 2020, rebranding it as LMI College shortly thereafter.

Alison Parks took control of the College with the innocuous title of Student and Administration Manager. We agreed on this title as we were not sure what the role would entail and the level of responsibility within the fledgeling RTO.

To say that Alison over achieved and over performed is an understatement. The College, like all other areas of LMI Group, is now highly regarded and while it relied on the LMI brand in its early years to gain acceptance, the College’s reputation is now enhancing the brand of the entire LMI Group. 

In recognition of her outstanding performance and ongoing contribution to the success of LMI College, we are pleased to announce, that effective immediately, Alison has been promoted to Director of Education and Training for the LMI Group and LMI College. 

Well done Alison and congratulations to the great team with whom you work and lead.