Today, LMI Group are pleased to announce that they have entered into agreement with Gratex Slovakia, Respect Insurance Brokers, and newly formed Premium Insurance to introduce LMI eServices into Slovakia.

Whlle the German's celebrate Oktoberfest, the Slovakian's celebrate the Goose Festival each October and so the LMI team were treated to a wonderful meal in a villiage outside the caplital of Slovakia, Bratisvala at a restaurant run by the Galika family who specialise in goose. 

The statue of the goose and its golden egg are in the main street of the village the address of the restaurant is Lipová 284/21, 90026 Slovenský Grob, 902 01, Slovakia

From left to right in the photo below are Mr Jojmir Vedej, MD Respect Insurance Brokers; Mr Tomas Benovic, Respect Insurance Broker; Prof Allan and Mrs Helen Manning, LMI Group, Ing. Ondrej Zatko, MD Premium Insurance; Martin Benko, Dr Viktor Kouril, and Stefan Dobák of Gratex.

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