LMI Group is pleased to announce the launch of their two new online knowledge management systems for the insurance industry and wider business communities.

The same team that developed and delivered LMI PolicyComparison and LMI BICalculator has now gone one step further, launcing LMI RiskCoach and LMI PolicyCoach.

LMI RiskCoach is a subscription-based website that has an enormous amount of research material designed to provide risk management, underwriting and sales tools to both the insurance industry and the wider community. During the pre-launch earlier this year, we announced the service would start with 50 of the more common industries. However, the on time and on budget launch exceeded initial plans and includes risk analysis information for over 75 industries, with plans for more than 500 industries to be completed by the end of 2010.

LMI PolicyCoach takes the training tools, the online needs analysis and other features of LMI RiskCoach and coaches and assists the user in developing the right policy for the Insured. At this stage, LMI PolicyCoach is designed to tailor Industrial Special Risks policies in either the Mark IV or Mark V version. Modules for other classes of insurance are being developed and will be launched over the next 2 years, with plans for all major classes of general and marine insurance to be catered for.

“These products, which have taken over 4 years to develop, represent a major investment for LMI Group in their quest to provide world-leading coaching and research tools for the insurance industry. LMI Group has a proven track record of delivering robust, reliable online products. Their passion for getting it right and the enormous amount of lessons learnt via the thousands of insurance claims they handle each year is evident in these products,” CEO Dr Allan Manning said at the early morning launch today. He went on to say that the products will be available not only in Australia but also in New Zealand and Asia where LMI Group have a wide spread of offices. Dr Manning concluded by thanking the research and IT teams that had worked tirelessly to deliver the ‘dream’.

To learn more and/or have the products demonstrated please email expert@lmigroup.com.