Today marks the official 10th birthday of LMI Group New Zealand. On the 1st April 2011 LMI Group NZ acquired an office suite in Albany, Auckland.

Beginning with a vision of providing support and systems to insured, Advisers and Insurers alike. The team have worked tirelessly for the past ten years to make this vision a reality.

The beginning of LMI Group NZ

At the 2003 NIBA Convention, LMI Group launched These tools assist brokers in explaining the differences in terms, exclusions, sub-limits and benefits of the general insurance products they offer.

At this convention, Allan was approached by the President of one of the broker associations at the time (that merged into what is now known as IBANZ). They asked if LMI would be prepared to develop the same service in New Zealand. He agreed, and starting in 2004, LMI used a local agent to handle the marketing of the service while the research work was done in Australia.

The services that brokers were looking for expanded as LMI released new products. This included LMI BICalculator NZ (2008) and LMI RiskCoach (2010). Increasingly, LMI were asked to assist with claims. This success prompted a further investment into New Zealand. In 2010, a separate New Zealand based company, LMI Group (NZ) Limited was set up.

10 years later, this team has established itself as part of the community. Working alongside the New Zealand insuring community, LMI is looking forward to what the future holds.

At LMI Group, we are proud of the many accomplishments of our team in New Zealand. We congratulate Tony Howie, Felicity Howie and Paul North on reaching this milestone. We would also like to thank all of our amazing supporters for joining us on this journey.