LMI Group’s Claims Services division, Loss Management International, is in full swing handling storm claims arising from the extreme bad weather in Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Melbourne office itself was damaged, as were the homes of several staff. Nonetheless, the Melbourne and Brisbane offices are both operational and fully staffed, despite today being a public holiday in Melbourne.

Drying equipment is at a premium, and every favour known to man is being drawn upon with the most critical situations being prioritised. An international business required a portable air conditioner and it was one of LMI Group’s support staff that located a hire one and personally collected and delivered it to the grateful client in less than an hour. Even while the storm in Melbourne was still raging, staff delivered drying equipment to retailers that were desperate to continue trading. LMI Group was able to use its influence to push them up the list with a major restoration company.

"It is not just preparing claims but managing them and that means mitigating the loss wherever possible”, said LMI Group’s CEO, Dr Allan Manning.

Additional staff from LMI Group’s NSW, SA, WA and NZ offices are on standby if required.

Not to be left out completely, LMI Group’s Sydney office were appointed on a major claim in Newcastle this morning. As the old saying goes, "it never rains, it pours".