LMI Group are proud and delighted to have received a Gold Award for Knowledge Management at the actKM Forum in Canberra this evening.

The actKM Forum’s judges use the following criteria when considering whether an organisation is worthy of an award and, if so, at what level:

  1. How well did the initiative achieve the objective (must relate/contribute to delivery of organisational outcomes in terms of core business)?
  2. How was the knowledge project implemented (strategies, methodology, innovation, and communications)?
  3. What is the organisational improvement realised (capability improvement, savings, service improvement, efficiencies, business growth)?
  4. What were the risk and challenges and how were they managed?
  5. What is the extent of stakeholder satisfaction (internal and external, customers, partners, etc.)?

Unlike many awards, the actKM Knowledge Management awards are graded. For LMI RiskCoach to receive a Gold Award demonstrates the high regard these experts have for our product.

LMI Group was honoured for their LMI RiskCoach product that was developed using all the principles enshrined in knowledge management for the benefit of the insurance and business communities in the area of risk management, risk transfer and insurance. Launched in October 2009, LMI RiskCoach is now used by more than 5,600 insurance brokers and insurance staff in Australia, with more subscribing every day. More recently, the service was released in New Zealand and will be launched in South Africa on 1 February 2011.

At the 2010 ANZIIF Awards, held at the Sydney Convention Centre in September, LMI Group was awarded Innovation of the Year for this same product.

Dr Allan Manning, LMI Group’s Managing Director, acknowledged the work of the LMI RiskCoach research and IT teams for their tireless work in bringing the sixteen areas that make up the knowledge-based product to life. He also acknowledged the long standing invaluable work and mentoring of Ian Fry of Fry Systems to LMI Group in the area of knowledge management. "To be acknowledged within your industry is fantastic but to be honoured outside of the industry with a Gold Award, by a body as highly regarded as the actKM Forum, is something very special that we at LMI genuinely treasure." he said.

The award was received by Derek Jorgensen of LMI Group at the Awards ceremony in Canberra this evening. Derek thanked the actKM Forum and judges for the award, and Fry Systems for their great assistance to LMI Group.