LMI Group and the International Institute of Claims Preparers ("IICP") are proud of the fact that our Managing Director and International President of the IICP, Dr Allan Manning, has been rated amongst the top 20 most influential people in Australia and New Zealand for the second year running. The reason for this award, as reported in Insurance NEWS (the magazine), are:

Allan Manning, Managing Director LMI Group
The best spokesman loss adjusters could hope to have, Manning has been a tireless advocate for the wider industry on a range of issues, including compaigning against state taxes on insurance and more recently, getting involved in the post-flood debates. On top of that his company’s services are much in demand and his books on insurance range from hefty tomes to handy text books for industry starters 
and there is even a children’s book explaining insurance. Brokers rely on him for unqualified analysis of insurance products and everyone admires his commitment and willingness to say it how he sees it.

For a full copy of the article, please go to: http://www.lmigroup.com/documents/top20.pdf

Congratutions, Allan, well done and well deserved!