This week saw the installation of solar electricity panels on our Melbourne office. This is expected to more than halve our electricity usage in our biggest office. 

Once we test the claims and evaluate the result of our investment, our plan is to roll it out across our other offices across Australia.

LMI has been working on reducing its carbon footprint since 2004 and this is certainly our biggest commitment in the 11 years since. Having said this, unlike most households who are away from the office during business hours, our organisation's peak electricity use is during the day. During the day, we need to be available, particularly our claims services division during catastrophe situations and we have found in the past that we tend to lose mains power during Victorian bush fires. The introduction of enough solar panels to support our key areas is also seen as a positive risk management measure to reduce the likelihood of a disruption when we need to be on our "A" game.

Steve Manning undertook all the research and spearheaded this project. We acknowledge the help of Con Manetas of Leed Risk Services in Perth who shared his extensive knowledge in solar. Thanks Con and well done Steve.