LMI On Line Broker Tools (Pty) Ltd in conjunction with LMI Group Pty Ltd, are pleased to announce the launch of LMI BIcalculator in South Africa.
LMI BIcalculator has been operating since 2006 and is now used by thousands of brokers in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and several Asian countries. It has been developed to assist insurance brokers and their clients set the sum insured correctly and thereby ensuring both the survival of the business and avoiding the penalties of under insurance.
The site contains a number of calculators each specifically tailored to the relevant business interruption policy. Local accounting standards are also taken into consideration.
The LMI BIcalculator service has now been used by brokers for over 5 years and not one single broker has been successfully sued for wrong advice on business interruption that has used the site. On the contrary, it has been used to demonstrate to the court that the correct advice had been given but the Insured had elected not to take it.
Brokers use the site to win new business and to explain to existing clients why they need business interruption cover.
To learn more, contact Sandra Boy at Sandra.Boy@LMIGroup.com.