LMI On Line Broker Tools (Pty) Ltd in conjunction with LMI Group Pty Ltd, are pleased to announce the launch of LMI ContinuityCoach in South Africa.
ContinuityCoach is an expert system that allows a business owner and or their broker inexpensively develop a world class business continuity management plan (“BCP”)and store it securely on line.
The service has been operating since 2005 and is now used by thousands of businesses world wide.
Insurance is only one form of risk management. Having a BCP assists a business in many ways. Research in the United Kingdom, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore confirms that businesses with a fully documented and exercised business continuity plan recover much fast and have a much greater chance of surviving following a major insurable event. Further having a plan can assist in highlighting the fact that the business is well run and is useful in winning tenders. Finally, by taking just an a few hours to develop a plan using LMI ContinuityCoach, the business owner better understands the business risks and what risks are best transferred by way of insurance.
Business owners that have suffered a loss, have regularly stated that their business survived due to LMI ContinuityCoach. 
To learn more, visit: www.continuitycoach.com.