As part of LMI PolicyComparison’s 10thanniversary celebrations, LMI Group are pleased to announce the launch today of a companion site,

Prof. Allan Manning, founder of the LMI Group has often been heard saying that “no one remembers the premium paid once a claim occurs! What counts is the coverage afforded by the insurance policy, the speed and fairness of the claims service and the financial strength rating of the insurer.

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (“APRA”) keep a close eye on the third factor while LMI PolicyCommparison has been unravelling the complexities of insurance coverage with over 3,000,000 comparisons done to date.

LMI ClaimsComparison completes provides a solution to the third as it is far too late after a loss has occurred to find out that the insurer looks for ways not to pay a valid claim.

There are 2 other reasons that we provide this service.

  1. We wish to acknowledge and congratulate the claims departments that are doing the right thing for their clients and brand insurance. It is with this in mind that LMI will award a Claims Excellence Award each year to the Claims Department that rates highest in each category.
  2. We hope that by making the ratings freely available it will drive positive change in customer service for the good of the insuring public.

On Monday LMI will announce the official winners of our Excellence in Claims Service Awards.

Next month we will be announcing yet another new initiative of the LMI Group as we strive to provide meaningful services to the insurance and wider communities.

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