Eamonn Downey, Director of Marketing; Colm O'Neill, Director Dublin both from Owens McCarthy along with Steve Manning Manager for BIcalculator and I officially launched LMI's suite of eServices products into the Republic of Ireland in Dublin today.

Owens McCarthy, a claims preparation firm very similar to LMI are our Joint Venture partners in Ireland. Owens McCarthy will be looking after marketing and training of the products to the insurance industry. The products launched were modified versions of PolicyComparison, BIcalculator, RiskCoach and ContinuityCoach as well as LMI's Under Insurance Calculator app tailored for the Irish insurance market.

Those that attended the launch included the CEO of the Irish Insurance Institute as well as senior brokers from in and around Dublin. The feedback from those that attended has been extremely positive with the brokers, like others around the world, seeing benefits with the training and increased professionalism the systems provide along with the time savings and reduction in professional indemnity exposure.

The group moves to Ireland's second city Cork tomorrow where a similar presentation session will explain the many benefits to brokers there.

Ireland joins, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and of course Australia where LMI eServices products are available and being used regularly by insurance practitioners.