Highly experienced insurance litigation lawyer, Peter O’Brien, formerly of Wotton+Kearney Insurance Lawyers, joined LMI Group’s Sydney office on 14 September 2009. Although based in Sydney, Peter will be available to consult with the entire LMI team and, just as importantly, with LMI Group’s wide customer base. His legal knowledge brings an added dimension to the loss management, claims preparation, risk management and accountancy expertise of LMI Group.

Peter will be working in both pre-loss (policy and contract review and policy drafting) and post-loss (claims, policy interpretation, dispute resolution) areas. His 19 years’ experience in insurance law is invaluable to the company.

Peter is the fourteenth new recruit to join LMI Group over the past 12 months, highlighting the growth of the business and the strong support it receives from the general insurance and business communities due to its loss management, risk assessment and technical advice.