Just how many comparisons are maintained by LMI PolicyComparison for the insurance industry was demonstrated recently when the stats were run to determine the number of policies that had been reviewed and updated on the LMI PolicyComparison website. Not only were the policies counted, but also a check of the total number of pages to which these policies run.

The staggering truth is that if you wanted to print off just the policies that had changed and were updated on LMI PolicyComparison, you would need a full dozen boxes of copy paper…assuming you printed each page double-sided.

This is only around 25% of all the policies available for comparison to subscribers at any one time. Add to this policies from New Zealand and, more recently, the United Kingdom and South Africa, and the volume of work behind the product is appreciated.
The highly dedicated team of researchers continue to update not only the comparisons, but the templates and fields that are compared, to ensure that the comparisons remain relevant and up-to-date.
Plans are now well underway to take the product into North America in 2012 at the request of existing subscribers. This is perhaps the greatest compliment of all.
To learn more about LMI PolicyComparison or to maximise your subscription, please contact the head of LMI PolicyComparison, Peter Jenkins, via email: peter.jenkins@lmigroup.com.