Comparisons now available at PolicyComparison

As a service to our valued subscribers, we list below the policy comparisons that have been added to New Zealand’s premier policy comparison website in the last month. You can now view these comparisons at

NZI Associations Liability Policy (NZ6982-1_1018)
NZI Body Corporate Liability Policy (NZ6974-1_1018)
NZI Liability Cyber Base (NZ6342-2_0918)
NZI Liability Cyber Ultra (NZ6282-2_0918)
NZI Trustees Liability Policy (NZ6065-3_1018)
Zurich – NZ Architects and Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy (PCUS-014155-2019_V3_0119)
Zurich – NZ Commercial Crime Insurance Policy (PCUS-014132-2019_V4_0119)
Zurich – NZ Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy (PCUS-014141-2019_V3_0119)

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