LMI Group’s Managing Director, Dr Allan Manning, presents the brokers award to Mr Tom Powell of Westcourt, recognising the fact that Broker Powell’s client survived a major loss and that the client remained with the broker 2 years after the loss.

LMI created the Phoenix Award as research shows that 50% of businesses fail within 2 years of a major loss, while 25% of those that survive change their insurance broker citing poor advice before the event or bad claims service afterwards.
The LMI Group is doing all it can to reduce both business failure and businesses view on insurance with its claims services division as well as knowledge based services such as LMI PolicyComparison, LMI BIcalculator, LMI RiskCoach, LMI PolicyCoach and LMI ContinuityCoach.
The Phoenix Award for brokers recognises responsible broking practice when put to the most important test. Test under fire!