If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call 1300 LMI GROUP.

LMI are looking after losses arising from the bush fires in 4 states using our locally based claims teams. We are fortunate to be able to assist in every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand, the only firm with team members all around. It also allows us the opportunity to bring in additional resources as required from other offices throughout the Group.

LMI is also unique in that we also have a psychologist as part of our team to assist with mental health issues. This is always a benefit but never more so than during such a wide spread and horrific natural catastrophe.

The claims range from total losses through to disruption to businesses as a result of prevention of access and/or public utilities outages. Each have their own challenges and requirement for expertise.

One thing we have heard is there is ‘no need for a claims preparer if it is a total loss situation’. This is simply not true, we are able to work with brokers and client’s to be able to help look at all alternatives for them on the rebuilding side and also assisting them in preparing their business interruption claims.

As with all claims, the earlier LMI can be appointed the better, as it allows us to get the claim set up correctly from the start rather than try and get a claim back on the rails if things turn pear shaped. This is proving the case even where we cannot get access to the premises at this stage.