It is undeniable that LMI Group’s offering is vast, with new departments and services forming regularly.

To aid in maintaining your awareness of our vast offering, I thought I would start a blog series putting a spotlight on some of the services we offer.

To kick things off, let’s begin with one of the most unique offerings: ‘Insurance Program Reviews’.

LMI Group have a highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable Insurance Program Review Team, headed up by Allan Manning, Max Salveson, Brian Peele and Kevin Le Plastrier. The Insurance Program Review Team offer a variety of services depending upon the broker’s or client’s needs:

Review of current program in detail.

This involves reviewing each and every endorsement, sublimit, declared value and limit of liability then providing advice as to the coverage required to adequately protect the insured.

The Insurance Program Review Team have experience in virtually every class of general insurance, from property and business interruption though to public liability, management liability and product recall.

If requested, the option to have the Insurance Program Review Team sit with you and the Insured is available. This aids in explaining each of the recommendations and also assists to educate the Insured about potentially unexplored or previously rejected covers.

LMI Group’s Insurance Program Review service has proven to be a great resource, assisting many brokers win or retain, large and or complex accounts. This is only made possible by working together to provide the insured with an outline of what they truly need. Imagine having the knowledge and skill of LMI’s Insurance Program Review Team act as an extension of your Broker team.

Every one of our services supports the others. This gives you more reasons to choose LMI, making LMI the technical go-to for all things Insurance and Risk.

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