LMI Group’s experts are regularly requested to speak at industry conferences, seminars and professional development days.

In the past month, CEO Dr Allan Manning spoke on insurance and leases at the First National Real Estate Conference, and also at PKF Accountants’ annual conference, WHK Accountants’ professional development day and, as a regular member of the Zurich Financial Services Zenith Program, has delivered papers in all capital cities and major regional centres around Australia.

Here are three typical responses to the sessions:

"Well presented, important to know, informative."
Con Nichols, Philips Nicholson First National, Mordialloc Vic

"Excellent at the coal face experience and well delivered."
Wayne Shultz, Shultz First National, Taree NSW

"Brilliant way of presenting why insurance is so essential. Very impacting."
Julie Beccaria, Wades First National, Kalgoorlie WA

Neil Myhre and Steve Manning spoke last weekend at the annual Insurance Advisors Association of Australia conference in Melbourne. Once again, their 3-hour session was well received.

More and more, LMI Group is asked to speak at conferences outside the insurance industry, as various groups and businesses seek to get the facts on insurance, tax on insurance and business continuity planning.

Other topics include claims preparation, business insurance, the ISR policy, Liability, Professional Indemnity and Directors & Officers, and of course, Business Interruption.